According to the Minister, the greatest contribution you will need to make in stabilizing the situation in the countries of origin of migrants and the States neighbouring the EU.

As a first step, says Schauble, Europe must take a more responsible attitude in matters of international and security policy. "If we don't stabilize the situation in our neighbors, we will face very serious problems. It's pretty obvious," - said the German Minister of Finance.

At the same time, the head of the German Finance Ministry has defended Ankara's criticism of Turkey's policies against refugees that are coming in recent time in Europe. According to him, the country adopted twice more Syrian migrants than all EU member States. "Turkey to treat refugees from Syria are not so bad. In Europe there is no reason for arrogance," said Schaeuble.

As already reported DELFI, in 2015 among all asylum seekers in the EU has been dramatically increasing the percentage of single men. According to Eurostat data, in 2015 the European Union territory without family arrived 80 000 men, which is four times more than the previous year.