In a conversation with LETA Mezs pointed out that the use of the British social system is unfair and in cases where it is the child who in the UK doesn't even live.

"We in Latvia also would not agree that the benefit is paid to a child who lives in another country. However, this applies to cases in which the benefits in another country are lower than in Latvia. And below they are probably only in Bulgaria. If Bulgarian family lives here, we pay the 11 Euro for the first child and 22 € for the second, even if the children don't live here," he explains.

Mezs believes that foreigners who went to Britain, he went there because of the possibility to find a job, including unskilled. He is confident that for most people the ability to work is more attractive than "just sitting on benefits".

If in the referendum the people will indeed vote for secession from the EU, the Latvians will not be leaving the UK in droves. The ability to find a job and work there will continue, he said, besides the leadership the UK is well aware that immigrants from Eastern Europe contribute to the development of the local economy.