To cherished: the Wailing Wall, Israel

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
Foto: YehudiSP / cc

Half a kilometer, composed of powerful stones wall in Jerusalem — one of the holiest and sacred places in the world. Ancient structure left over from the Temple built by Herod the Great. Here come the Jews from all over the world - to pray for the building of the third Temple and the hope for the reunification of the Jewish people. However, requests can be arbitrary, as far as the imagination will suffice.

To pray at the Wall can be standing or sitting. Men should wear a yarmulke (in Russian- a yarmulke), which was given immediately. Important custom of leaving little notes with wishes between the ancient stones. When paper money becomes too much, they are sent to a special "cemetery on the mount of olives. According to rumors, desire, recorded in the note, will come true.

At the wailing Wall is always crowded, because it is possible to pray around the clock. Don't forget about the main custom is to move away from the Wall facing it. These are the rules established for centuries.

Become healthy: Delhi post, India

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
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On the outskirts of Delhi, near the ruins of the mosque of quwwat-ul-Islam is the famous architectural complex, performing desire. Iron pillar height of 7 meters has mystical powers and can cure any disease. Thus it is necessary only to touch the Delhi pillar back, clasp his hands and try to connect the fingers of two hands.

In order to be healed, you must stay like this for a few minutes.

How to assure the Indians, cripples then stand up from wheelchairs, the blind begin to see and deaf to hear. However, to make it easy: since 1997, the pillar was fenced.

Younger: Big Zayatsky island, Russia

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
Foto: Joostik - own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

The famous big Zayatsky island stone labyrinths built in I-II centuries BC by an unknown people. Locals call them "vavilona" — they represent the spiral walkways in the center of the island of small rocks.

About the purpose of the maze now we can only guess. Some believe that it was a kind of network, in which were fishing at low tide. Others argue that the maze was required for magical rituals. And even today, the mazes remain a "place of power". Men are active, women are cured of infertility and younger. The employees of the reserve is carefully monitored to ensure that tourists could not get in "Babylon". But still there are always those willing to break the ban, to gain strength and look younger for several years.

To find my half: the statue of Juliet, Italy

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
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On the via Capello in Verona is the centre of attraction for all individuals of the world. Here is the famous the house of Juliet, from Shakespeare's famous novel. In the courtyard of the mansion is a statue of the heroine. Gather here daily crowds of tourists. All seek to touch the right breast of the bronze Juliet — it is believed that this will give the reciprocity of love.

Earlier travelers have left records with regards, glue them to the walls with chewing gum, drawing graffiti. However, four years ago, the local authorities were forbidden to mock the monument of history, setting a fine of 50 euros for damage to the house. For everyone in the house there are mailboxes that you can omit the "application" of love or fortune, as well as computers that can send email. They say the work appeals to Juliet perfectly.

Become parents: the lake of the Pregnant maiden, Malaysia

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
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Women who dream about children, you should look at the Malaysian Langkawi. It was there, on the small island of Pulau Bunting Dayang, is the famous lake of the Pregnant maiden. Connected with the place of a sad legend.

According to legend, the goddess was married to an ordinary earth boy, bears him a beautiful son. However, their little boy died, the mother buried him in the waters of the lake, and she returned to heaven. Since then, the reservoir has an unusual power. They say that if barren women bathe in it, then soon becomes pregnant.

According to another version, in order to become parents, a couple enough to take a SIP of water from the lake. In this prediction I believe thousands of people from all over the world every year coming to the mysterious lake.

Become beautiful: Petra tou Romiou, Cyprus

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
Foto: Rum Bucolic Ape / cc

Aphrodite - goddess of beauty and love — was good taste: from the sea foam she came to the Bay of Petra tou Romiou, which is half way from Limassol to Paphos.

If you believe the legends, women in this area may significantly rejuvenate, and men become invincible. To do this, just three times to sail around the huge rock that is seen near the shore. If you decide to become young, do not forget to bring Slippers — the bottom in these places is rocky.

But it is best to see Petra tou Romiou during the full moon. It is believed that if lovers bathe at this time, we will be inseparable until death. Less romantic personality can just go for a swim in the moonlight.

Learn the language: Blarney castle, Ireland

Места силы: куда уехать за здоровьем, молодостью и исполнением желаний?
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Those who want to learn a foreign, is to go to Ireland. Here is the medieval Blarney castle, where dreams come true linguistic.

In one of the walls of the fortress imbedded unusual boulder that is called the "stone of eloquence". It is believed that if to kiss him, then you could immediately master of rhetoric. In our day the legend was transformed — now to cling to the stone seek those who want to learn English quickly.

The path to the Advanced level is hard and thorny - boulder is situated at an altitude of several tens of meters. To reach it, one must first climb a wall, then lie on your back, to bend and kiss the stone.

The appearance of the stone is due to the many versions. According to one of them, the magic boulder St. Patrick gave the witch. Another is installed in the wall half Kanskogo stone, which once crowned monarchs of Scotland.