Elvis Merzlikin in the match against the Germans made 38 saves, half of which came in the first period! Nevertheless, it did not save the team from total defeat in the penalty shootout.

"What am I, a God of some kind to get? Pulled first, then the puck jumped over my hands and flew into the gate. The second conceded goal was to take it slowly reacted at the time. Overall, there is satisfaction, this year we did great. Coach new, contact with the mentor was excellent. Proud of the team!", noted Elvis.

"Upset that I did not play with Russia, I would like to play. I would like to apologize to Russia, now in your country hate me for my words. That's not what I meant, but so far I'm not interested in the KHL, my dream is the NHL. There is nothing that disgusts me from Russia. Again, I apologize to your fans" — the words Merzlikina Chanpionat.com.