However, the Prime Minister said that he did not see the vote results "significant problems". According to her, Berlin will stay the course in the migration issue. While Merkel has advocated a pan-European solution to the refugee problem.

According to preliminary official results in the elections to the Landtag of the Federal land of Baden-württemberg won "green" by typing 30,3% of the votes (47 seats in the land Parliament). In Rhineland-Palatinate the greatest number of votes was scored by the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) with a result of 36.2 % of the vote (40 seats in Parliament). In Saxony-Anhalt, defeated the party of Merkel, gaining 29.8 per cent of the vote (30 seats in Parliament).

In all three länder parliaments in double-digit result was pravopopulistskie party "Alternative for Germany" (ADH), which acts against migration policy of the Federal government.