"A new brothel opened on the initiative of the authorities of the city, is a 14 "storefronts" at four buildings in the so-called Wallen, Amsterdam red light district. About 40 workers in the sex industry will be able to work from these areas, led by Fund My Red Light ("My red light"), in which prostitutes play an active role," according to author Renate van der Zee.

"Everything in this project, from the rules to design buildings, designed by the staff of the sex industry," said one of the prostitutes involved in the project, who asked for anonymity. — I hope that My Red Light will offer a comfortable workplaces where employees can be themselves and feel welcome".

Prostitution was legalized in the Netherlands in 2000. The owners sex workers must purchase a license and abide by municipal laws, and prostitutes pay taxes, the newspaper reminds.

A new initiative Amsterdam hopes that hooker will be able to work independently. "Employee of the sex industry are able to set the terms of the lease and working hours, says Marieke de Ridder, member of the Supervisory Board My Red Light. — There will be more social control, as employees will interact more with each other. There is a special lounge where they can drink tea and chat with each other for customers, it's restricted access. I hope that they will educate each other in matters such as negotiation or interaction with an unpleasant customer".

Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan has done much for the implementation of the project. Through the Dutch have nicknamed the project "municipal brothel".