The authors of the book "School of flylady-2: How to realize the reasons for your overeating, to lose weight and love yourself" first of all I suggest to understand the causes of overeating. Lynn and Marla openly talk about how they overcame their problems with excess weight and rejection itself, and what helped them to change for the better.

In this book you will find answers to the following questions:

What causes us to pollute his body with harmful high-calorie foods?

Why do we seize any stress "snacks" that are immediately reflected on the thighs and abdomen?

How to get yourself to take the first step and begin to slowly change your life?

About the authors: Marla Seeley is the author of the system ", Flylady", gives lessons on the Internet, helping thousands of people around the world to put in order their house, to get rid of excess weight. Leanne Ely is a nutritionist, owner leads popular column "Food for thought" to a known resource and works as the leading radio program "The Dinner Diva" on Blog Talk Radio.

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