Sensual approach and expressed the appeal will be submitted in the first lingerie collection from fashion designers the Reinis of Ratnieki and Avila Linda. For the first time, the audience will be presented a collection of swimwear from Collar Swimwear and lingerie collection Athirst.

"Demonstration fashion" will be held in Riga from 16 to 19 March. At fashion week you can see collections of 19 designers. On 17 and 18 March will be showcased wide range of collections of Latvian fashion brands, since the well-known Latvian brands Baiba Ripa, Alexander Pavlov, Cinnamon and Keita Concept For Rosme, and rapidly gained popularity Red Salt, Blankblank and Cecinanina.

Your collection will represent and expansive designer fashion ŠEILA. Fashion week will be the start for further development of the new brand YVI'S BY IVETA SEMJONOVA and for young designers Simone Focused and Ijevi Majule. Saturday, March 19, reigns on the podium will be given to the brands of children's clothing — Leny Tomy Factory, Petra, Hebe and Aristocrat Kids.

Flash You And Me

In a New collection of brand Flash You And Me called The Perfect Transparency underwear plays a major role in creating the female image. The new collection is a story about woman's nature — from the delicate and romantic light image until the caller seductress. This is a story about a woman radiating power and confidence both alone and in the presence of others. In this collection particular attention is paid to the contradictory nature of women that makes her so mysterious and intriguing.

This is a family brand, designer Liva which is a matte, behind shoulders which already more than 20 years of experience in the field of fashion design. Within two years the brand has experienced a rapid growth and has gained the trust of consumers in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. The brand's collections regularly participate in prestigious exhibition of lingerie Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.

Reinis Ratnieks and Arvils Linda

Designers Reinis Ratnieks and Arvils Linde in this season to declare itself a collection of underwear designed for women. The idea of this collection was born during training at the Latvian Academy of arts, and finally the designers had the opportunity to make the dream a life. Permeates a collection of exquisite sensuality and erotic appeal, its distinctive feature are very simplistic and minimalistic details. Previously both worked together designer clothing collections and line of underwear will become a new interesting proposal in this segment of the fashion industry.

Collar Swimwear

A collection of swimwear and lingerie Athirst brand fashion COLLAR SWIMWEAR designed specifically for live exhibitions of fashion art, which is expected in Riga in may this year. The outfits presented in the collection played with the motifs of heat and dryness, thus symbolizing never-ending thirst time, balance, and the desire of modern man to perfection. in the process, not to burn yourself. The brand was created in 2013 and until the public has been demonstrated already 3 collection. The creators of the brand — Monts Apsana and journalist Ieva Laube.

"Demonstration fashion" will be held at the center for Architecture RISEBA H2O 6 (street 4 Durbe, Riga) Fashion shows will be able to visit everyone, after having bought the ticket in sale Biļešu serviss.