The turnip has criticized the Advisory Board of the MES, which became an institution, "in which there is no real discussion and exchange of views, and the Minister informs subordinates about his plans, not interested in the opinion of the involved persons and agrees with him or not".

"The Advisory Board consists mainly of the Director of Russian schools. They are not free to Express their opinions, because criticism of ideas Minister may lose their posts. That is why the country needs a full debate with arguments independent of people interested in the quality of education. It is primarily the parents and pupils of the senior classes, then professional and recognized teachers who can not only tell the eye Minister "agree", but to criticize his idea of enforced ratisevina of schools of national minorities", — said the turnip.

It suggests that MES is not even a serious sociological studies about whether children and their parents to all academic subjects are taught in Latvian. The last such study, according to Mamykina, was conducted in 2010, when two percent of parents and students spoke in favor of education only in Latvian.

As reported, the Advisory Council of national minorities on 10 November, several objections conceptually supported the idea of transition to instruction in Latvian in 10-12 grades.