According to the press-centre of Zemgale regional police Department, when women approached the child and asked why he was in the 3am one wanders through the city, the boy fled. The witness immediately reported this to the police.

Arriving police found the child on the street Pasta: on his feet he had only socks. To establish the circumstances, the boy was taken to the police station, where he learned that he was not found at home grandmother and decided to go look for her. Mom was sleeping at the time and didn't hear the son out of the house.

Later it turned out that the boy's mother was in a state of alcoholic intoxication in her body stated to 2.01 ppm. In the apartment it was also a 3-year-old son who also slept.

By the time police arrived, the grandmother had already returned home. Because she was sober, she was asked to look after the children.

The police checked the conditions in which children live: the apartment was clean and tidy. Both of the children also appeared well-groomed and well fed.

About the incident informed by the Orphan's court. The police also began an administrative process for failure to perform parental duties.

The state police thanked residents, who have not passed the lost boy, and tried to help him and reported the CR law enforcement.