"Trump said that he believes that Vladimir Putin is sincere when rejected Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016, and repeated again that he hoped for cooperation with Russia in Syria," said McCain.

Previously, trump said that talking about the "Russian trace" in the American elections only create barriers in relations between the two countries.

Also, according to the Senator, will not bring any positive result of the cooperation with Russia on the issue of settlement in Syria, while in power in this country is Bashar al-Assad, reports Lenta.ru.

On the sidelines on the sidelines of the session of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin agreed on a joint statement on the situation in Syria. The presidents stated the need to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.

As reported, the President of the United States assessed the meeting with the Russian President. According to trump, he believes Mr Putin and hoped that it would help in resolving the crisis with the DPRK. "Got a good discussion on Syria. Assistance as the assistance of China, in resolving the threat to the North Korean crisis. Progress has been made", — he wrote on Twitter.

He also attacked the critics, saying that to have good relations with Russia is helpful. "When all the haters and the fools will realize that to have good relations with Russia is good, not bad. They play politics is bad for our country. I want to resolve the issue, the DPRK, Syria, Ukraine and terrorism — and Russia [this] can be very to help!" — added trump.