This assessment representatives of the SJSC "Latvian state roads" (Latvijas Valsts ceļi, LVC) was performed in the conference "Latvian road for the next 100 years", which takes place in Jurmala on Friday, April 21.

A sharp decrease in funding will occur due to the fact that repairs and maintenance will only state budget funds, and the money of European funds will no longer be available. At least, their future availability or unavailability is not known now. In the future the situation may change.

Eurocrest that are available, Latvia will spend in 2018 (from the Fund cohesie) and 2019 (ERDF). Starting in 2020, the "road" will only state budget and it is projected to only 159 million euros of which 84 million euros will be spent on road maintenance (cleaning, winter cleaning, emergency repairs of holes and so on). On capital investments (a major repair) of them will be only 75 million euros, three times less than available with the support of EU funds.

While maintaining a high level of quality of the Latvian roads every year should not be less than 670 million euros. Over the past 25 years the roads and bridges in the country due to lack of funding has deteriorated so much that to bring them into proper condition you need to have more than 4.5 billion euros.

If nothing is done, roads will not be

LVC: если ничего не менять, с 2020 года будем чинить в три раза меньше километров дорог
Foto: LETA

The head of the LVC Janis Lange on the question of where to take the money, explained that to take away from someone else "almost impossible", so it's time to start discussions on this issue. As an example, a possible source of funding he said that the increase in excise tax. "The best would be the principle "fee for service"... Now the biggest contradiction in the fact that drivers pay [for the road] full price, but actually for the repair of roads and streets is only a third paid", — he explained.

At the same time he pointed to the fact that it is necessary to make pragmatic decisions about improving the efficiency of the road network. According to Lange 4,000 km of Latvian roads, with no strategic importance.

Only the state is responsible for 20 of 122 kilometres of roads of which 11 000 and gravel. This year the LVC is conducting a massive audit of the quality of Latvian roads and bridges, to identify the most problematic areas.

Bad roads hurting not only mensualmente

LVC: если ничего не менять, с 2020 года будем чинить в три раза меньше километров дорог
Foto: LETA

In turn, the Minister of transport Uldis augulis told the participants that the arrangement of Latvian roads will remain his priority. The Minister said that road infrastructure is the lifeblood of the development of the state, which has evolved over the centuries. This is the legacy that must be considered and which need to be supported.

Augulis said that he understands the negative reaction of people to bad condition of roads in many parts of the country.

As noted augulis, although sometimes it seems that the problem only applies to roads of the Ministry of communications, this is a fallacy, because every industry depends on the condition of the road infrastructure.

The Minister said that last year repaired at 24 kilometres more roads than the previous. This year the positive trend continues and repair work will take place on the 1200 miles of roads, allocated an additional 14 million euros to be invested in the repair of regional and local roads. Work this year will be conducted on 140 sections of main and regional roads.