Joint exercises of the two countries "West-2017" will be held in September on the territory of Belarus. "The upcoming event is completely transparent, and I demand you all to this event on the territory of our country was transparent and all the actions were available not only to our friends in the CSTO, EAEC, CIS, and representatives of the North Atlantic bloc — NATO", — said Lukashenko.

He stressed that Belarus does not hide anything, and if "NATO members want to attend our teachings, you are welcome. Moreover, I such information and signals from them are already receiving" reports the press service of the President of Belarus.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, "for the media emphasizing that, contrary to the opinions of individual "experts" no one is going to curtail cooperation with Russia in the military field because of disagreements in other areas. On the contrary, the doctrine is a demonstration of our consistency in ensuring the security of the two brotherly peoples.

"No matter what happens in our relationship in the field of oil, gas, food and other things, that all issues are solved. These are our questions — Belarus and Russia. But to joke with the security, defense of our common frontiers is in any case impossible. It is not in any kind of trade".

According to him, the international situation obliges to continuously improve skills and level of regional troops to defend the Western borders of the Union state. "The imminent doctrine is the best way to check the readiness of troops of the two countries to interact. Thus, we enhance our overall defense capability and will continue to do so," said he.

Alexander Lukashenko reminded that many years ago Belarus and Russia have agreed to hold similar exercises, alternately in the territory of either country, now part of Belarus.

The President also noted that in the Western sector of Belarus and Russia created a powerful grouping of the armed forces which are based on the Belarusian army. "In case of conflict, God forbid, of war, there is a definite plan of combat operations forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces, which immediately supported by the respective armed forces of the Russian Federation. We ... have never concealed and do not conceal that in peacetime, the powder should be kept dry", — said Lukashenko.

Earlier, us General Ben Hodges has urged Russia to ensure transparency of the exercise "West 2017". According to the commander of US Ground forces in Europe, it would help to reduce the growing anxiety about the teachings. He noted that Russia needs to invite to the teachings a greater number of observers and media representatives.