This year in the final of the Baltic League snooker were athletes from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Of the 20 socurito 14 represented Latvia. During the tournament, 20-year-old Rodion Yudin won all 5 matches and have not lost in this single frame and was the winner of the tournament.

In the semifinals, Yudin won against his compatriot Gunnar puce (3-0), and in the final of the Lithuanian Nikita, Kolpachenko (4-0). The results of the tournament can be viewed here. Last year Yudin in the final of the tournament in Vilnius was won by Anna Prysyazhnyuk (Latvia), this time in the quarterfinals lost to Sergey Sergeev, Jr.

To Vilnius Yudina took titles in two tournaments in the last month. In mid-October for the 12th time became the champion of Latvia. The national championship was held in Riga and gathered 40 participants. In the group stage Yudin won three of their last four matches (lost to 17-year-old Riga Arthur Kanegis — 1-3), but in the playoffs he scored five victories. In the quarterfinals of SalesPersonID surpassed rezanka Anna Prysyazhnyuk (5-3) semifinal — Gunnar puce (5-1) of Baldone, and in the final match pulled out a victory over Riga Maris Valais (7-6). The results can be viewed here.

Then Rodion Yudin took part in the tournament in Moscow, where were the strongest players of Russia, Belarus (2 persons) and Georgia (1). From Latvia started only Yudin. In the group stage he won the Russians have three of their last four matches in the quarterfinals were stronger than the best Russian women snookered Daria Sirotina (3-0) in the semifinals, knocked out 19-year-old Petersburger Ivan Kakhovskogo (4-2), and in the final prevailed over another opponent from St. Petersburg — a 16-year-old Mikhail Terekhov (5-2). The results of the Moscow tournament can be viewed here.