Linguists are sounding the alarm — more and more reduced the number of students who want to study Latvian Philology, and in the near future will not be teachers, because salaries have "less than the janitor," the newspaper notes. All this is because at state level the field of natural Sciences are given more attention than the Humanities.

The faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of education and science and the Executive Committee of the Sejm, which stated that the necessary "urgent measures for rescue of national Philology, which is the core of any healthy nation".

Dean of the faculty of Humanities Ilse Romnace emphasizes that "in the field of higher education have formed a serious imbalance between the Humanities and the exact Sciences". About the Humanities often speak contemptuously, and last year also substantially reduced the number of budget places. All this creates publicity, with the result that at the present time at the faculty of Philology enrolls only about 100 students.