Second secondary school of Bauska was recently included in the list of dangerous buildings. Now here prohibited the operation of certain offices, corridors and even toilets.

But, according to the Russian broadcasting LTV7 is not the only building in Bauska region, which urgently needs repair. The most unlucky kindergarten "Lacites". Its operation is no longer possible.

"This building, which also houses the economic part, is in pre-failure condition. This means that once you have gained the opinion of the Bureau, all business was stopped. In the part where are located the group, the situation is not so serious, so the children are there!", — told the Russian broadcasting LTV7 Director Uzvarai high school Elite Borkowska.

Just a little over 60 students. Plus teaching staff. In a sealed enclosure used to house the pool. Then to the kitchen.

Parents about the condition of the building will alert for a big meeting next Tuesday. There also will be reported: in summer we are planning to move to Unvarsky school. By this time we hope to prepare all of the premises, to conduct communication. The kindergarten building will be examined for a year.

All dangerous buildings in the region to four. House on street Rigas, 26 Baptisma belongs to the parish. On their website, by the way, posted the request to help financially to rebuild the roof. Three more dangerous for the operation of a building located in Bamusi, the Compote and the Bauska. And they are all educational institutions.

"The main thing — the danger is eliminated. Now started work on the design, and in the long term the rest of the work associated with security, could also be addressed. But these works will take about 3 months, and a year or two!", — says the head of the economic part of the Bauska region mārtiņš Vilcins.

Over the past year created after the tragedy at the Mall Maxima Bureau of construction checked just over 1,700 buildings. This year appeared on the map a black dot. This building is a shopping centre in Liepaja. It is marked black because representatives of the Bureau refuse to check.