As previously reported, among the detainees — Arvils Feyerabends — Deputy head of the Main Department of the order police, and the inspector Ilmars Platens.

Page state of online video in 2013 "Mascots of the year" is becoming the beaver Bruno and a cat Rudis, those plush heroes in uniform who will teach children the rules of the road. The reward for the hero-beaver gets the same Ilmars Platens.
The police did not deny, but not confirm. Say, "rather Yes than no", according to the Russian broadcasting LTV7.

The shadow fell on the chief of police of order Artis Melissa. The Minister of internal Affairs of the city hall Kozlovskis noted that the responsibility for such misconduct of subordinates needs to lie down and to their immediate superiors. The Artis Welsh today on contact with the press is not, the phone does not respond. The press service says that Welssa news about detention of colleagues was a real shock.