Perhaps, in this status the home is registered to reduce the cadastral value and therefore save on tax is to pay three times less than if the building would be considered residential.

The film crew of the Latvian television has tried to get into the "library", but there is a new guard who did not allow journalists to approach the building. But they have noticed that on site there is another, almost completed, a building that size, even superior to the "library Museum", but in the inventory does not figure. Moreover, in the construction project it is referred to as the "art gallery", which subsequently also allows in times to reduce property taxes.

Control the truthfulness of the purposes of use of land and buildings should self-govern. Journalists appealed to stroupapa, and she was sent into possession of Gulbisom its inspectors that "indeed noticed signs of illegal construction." However, so far no sanctions to apply to the family not going, explaining that "there was a misunderstanding", and in the Land service mistakenly sent the wrong code building use — 1262 1110 instead of (residential building). Who exactly made the mistake, is unknown.