"As is known, Riga city Council several years ago, started more or less active struggle with the wreck. But apart from the slums and abandoned buildings in Riga a lot of terrible sheds, - says Andrey. - These sheds have, to put it mildly, unsightly appearance, many have long no one uses it (except the homeless). Some barns burned at all. And where the light is shed from a serious fire in a house nearby. Such rotten and rickety sheds in all districts of Riga, even where, it would seem, they shouldn't be. Take, for example, a little space between the new library and the modern University building that was recently built in Tornakalns. "Beauty!"

"DELFI Reporter decided to find out – how hard is it to demolish a barn? Proved, difficult. To reach the finish line, only those who have enough strength and patience to overcome a distance called the "preparatory work".

Gathered, voted, counted, agreed...

Sarai is the common property of the residents. In order for them to do something, you need to hold a meeting of owners of apartments. According to the Law on residential property, repair or demolition must vote in the majority (51% or 100% depending on, fixed the barn to a specific apartment or the whole house).

Voted? Now you need to decide what money you will have to demolish the barns. There are two options – either the house has some savings, or you agree to save. If you accumulate 10 years, and sheds will be demolished only after 10 years.

Thought? Now with this statement it is necessary to go to domoupravleniya, for example, in Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks. "The company will estimate how much it will cost of the work (demolition of barns, debris removal, etc.), will develop the project and coordinate it with the responsible institutions, for example, building authority, if we are talking about the demolition. After that, the specialized firm will perform all the necessary work", - says a representative of the CHP Santa Volume.

Tenants can choose their firm, which will carry the sheds, however, and in this case you will need the project.

And suddenly on the head get?

No brainer that it is much easier and cheaper, to go out into the yard with shovels and tear down the rotten structure. But you can't do that. According to the law. Firstly, getting rid of the sheds, you make changes to the common property of the residents. And, therefore, your actions must be defined, agreed and approved in the higher courts. Otherwise you can run into problems with the police. Well, and, second, willfully to demolish dangerous.

"Recently we had a case. In Riga in a nine-man decided to expand his basement. Next to his closet was another, which for a long time nobody used, and the man decided to tear down the barrier between them. During the work he fell on his head something heavy, and the man was in the hospital. In the end what he has: a head injury, the treatment costs plus it obliged to return the partition in place," says Santa Volume.

Here are the pies.

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