Look in the logs

The first step, if the man himself is difficult to combine garments to do is look magazines fashion clothes for men. It is the perfect crib to the advertisements of luxury brands or specially trained stylists with sample clothing, gather ideas about what clothing style is in fashion, and how better to combine. You need to choose the outfits, photograph them on your phone and use as a sample when you go shopping – this will help to find something similar in stores more democratic brands.

Classical values

For men also as for ladies, in the period of seasonal sales first, choose versatile basic things for the wardrobe as they don't go out of fashion. Jeans need to choose darker, no holes, bleached details and unnecessary pockets. White shirt is one of the most important elements of the male wardrobe as it is versatile and suitable for all occasions. Still its place in the closet and needs to find a couple of shirts in shades of blue, choosing slimt fit-fit or regular. Polo shirt with short sleeves and tank tops will come in handy for everyday style or a weekend. And, thanks to the black leather belt and classic leather shoes, you can make elegant even the most simple casual look.

Size matters

To determine what clothing is too small, usually, men are not difficult, but how to understand, whether not too big size for you? If clothing is two sizes too big, man it looks two sizes bigger, but nobody wants it. Even the owner of the big sizes, it will look much better, just picking your size, as it fits best. Shirts must be suitable for growth, they should not hang on the sides and especially in the shoulder area. Shirts with short sleeves should be sufficient to leave a distance of one or two fingers. Long sleeves must not cover the palm of your hand. Pants should not fit in the groin and in the standing position, should not fall down to the soles.

Shop wisely

If the sales season managed to find something that you really like and fits perfectly, it would be reasonable to buy a few things, such as shirts of the same cut in different colors. However, it is important to remember that in large quantities it is better to buy plain clothing because, unlike the motley of things that are relevant to this season, they will become a long-term solution in addition plain clothes are easier to combine with other clothing. And realizing that some store offers items that are a certain taste, it would be wise to purchase a card of the client of this store, which provides additional discounts, bonuses and special offers.

About the shopping centre Domina shopping:

T/C Domina Shopping is one of the biggest shopping centers of Riga, offering its visitors opportunities for shopping, but also positive emotions, new knowledge and opportunities to take your leisure. The shopping centre also features more than 170 shops, among them a wide selection of shoes and children's products. There is also a beauty salon, a gym with extensive and modern SPA area, cafes and restaurants, as well as different facilities: post office, insurance companies and Bank branches, dry cleaning, tailoring, tailoring, workshop for making and repairing footwear, as well as a workshop for making keys. The Manager of the shopping center Domina Shopping is SIA Baltic Red.