"We have adopted a negative decision in his case", — said the Agency BNS Vice Minister of internal Affairs of Lithuania, Elvinas Jankevicius.

According to Vice-Minister after the verification of the stated facts it became clear that some of them do not correspond to the real situation. "This practice, when the information is laid out in Youtube with any request, is not official. We checked, and information about his exploits and deeds were not confirmed", — said Jancewicz.

In the video, an Afghan claimed that he worked in support of the UN Programme of peace and integration, which worked closely with the Lithuanian military, its mission was to mediate between the Lithuanian armed forces and the Taliban, that later turned against its security.

According to the Vice-Minister of Lithuania, the claims of Nazir Honora is part of the truth, however, the contribution of this Afghan was "small enough".

In late March, Friedman published another record, from the same refugee camps in which you worked as a translator in Ghor province, Abdul Basir Zusi addressed in the Lithuanian language with a request for asylum.

On circulated in media and social networks record quickly responded and the government of Lithuania — a week later, the Afghans have already arrived in Lithuania. Now his asylum request is considered.

According to Jankevicius, after this story appeared a few such requests, in which persons claim that he collaborated with the Lithuanian military. "Such attempts and records were and from others — is not one of information, and many such requests are not confirmed," — said the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs.

An image frame from a video on Youtube.