The current position of the law on the rights of foreigners provides that a foreigner may be denied entry to the Republic of Lithuania for a period exceeding five years, if he can pose a threat to state security or public order, it is proposed to add other conditions. According to the draft, a person could get into the black list, if there is information or serious reason to suspect that the alien participated in large-scale corruption, money laundering or violation of human rights. Also grounds for denial of entry to Lithuania can be, if the person represents a threat not only to security and public order in Lithuania, but also in other countries of the European Union and NATO.

The draft law put forward by a group of members of Parliament from different parties. In the first reading voted 87 deputies, ten abstained. The next plenary meeting is scheduled for June 15.

Sergei Magnitsky (pictured) worked as a lawyer for the Hermitage Capital Fund. The Foundation's founder William Browder says that Magnitsky was able to identify fraudulent scheme, through which staff of the Russian interior Ministry abducted from the budget of the country for almost 5.5 billion rubles. As a result, criminal proceedings were brought just Browder Magnitsky. Browder was sentenced in absentia by a Russian court to nine years in prison on charges of tax evasion and arrested in the same case, Magnitsky died in prison before the trial.

After the death of Magnitsky, which caused a wide international resonance, in the United States was initiated by the bill, allowing to freeze the assets of people involved in his death and other human rights abuses, and deny U.S. entry visas. Similar laws were adopted in the UK and Estonia.