The second number in the list stands the former Deputy mayor of Daugavpils, Director of the Daugavpils medical College Livija jankovska, and the third — head of technical Department of the Daugavpils municipal administration Igor Prelates. Just a list of 18 deputies.

As the report from Daugavpils previously wrote Delfi, Daugavpils deputies of the sacs did not want to be in the same list with Ahimsa, therefore, the party allowed him to run in company with other people. Moreover, Our party and Livija jankovska no stranger to Ahimsa — they worked together in 2009 (then the Ahims and jankowska was part of the lcdc), and in 2013 jankowska stood as the leader of Our party. A year later she tried to go to the Sejm from the Regional associations. The ahims entered Parliament from sacs.

About the decision after seven years of work in the Sejm to return to the Daugavpilssky Duma, the Agis says: talked to daugavpilchanka, which persuaded to return. So he decided. However, the politician adds that next year there will be elections of the Saeima, so "we will see".

"Under the patronage of Ahimsa created the portal Under this name goes out and the print edition, which he delivers personally in public places and voters. Long interview with Ahimsa sound and on local radio Alise Plus, where his monologues sometimes teeter on the edge of ethical violations," writes Delfi.