The national team of Latvia under the guidance of Leonid Beresneva tasked to take on the 2016 world Cup place not below the tenth. Note that in recent times at the world Championships Latvian team managed to close the top ten in 2012-m year, and to rise above — as much as in 2009 (7th place). At the last tournament in Prague, the national team of Latvia, headed by Alexander bielawski could hardly keep in the elite of world hockey.

And, although specifically at Leonid Beresneva in the contract are not spelled out the challenge for this world Cup, shown by the team, the result in Moscow will be taken into account later (in September), when LHF will decide whether to renew the agreement with the coach or not.

In recent times under the leadership Beresneva the national team of Latvia has played at the world championship in 2005, when it won 9th place.

Also from the staff of the national team received the news of the arrival from overseas to the team striker system "the Vancouver Canucks" of Ronald Spotlight. He already took part in the team's training and have you created one link from seguam Girgensons and Kaspar Daugavins.

It is worth noting that the Spotlight concludes a contract with "Vancouver" and yet from the team the player has not received a new proposal.