In the fridge chef Janis Zvirbulis there will always be ice cream and yogurt for a very simple reason – they like his daughters. Family purchased mainly in the market, so in the fridge there is always fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, country eggs, butter and cheese, and fish or meat, often smoked.

The official representative of the Maybelline makeup in Latvia Dita Grauda trying to create in a refrigerator a combination of products that the body remained alkaline environment. There are beans, vegetables, salad, fruits, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, beans and peas. Sometimes in the refrigerator and chilled wine for dinner or lunch. Dita is trying to maintain the position of "you are what you eat".

Musician Chris Noah says that in your fridge it keeps the "happy hormones" or the daily dose of energy - a treat, a piece of cake. Musicians often have to eat out, but at the weekend he likes to do the grilling. To the meat he always tries to serve the salad, preferring radishes, wood sorrel and leafy salad. In his fridge will always be bananas and oranges, because he really likes orange juice and water with lemon.

Contents the refrigerator sports family of nine motley. Family loves the products Latvian production – milk, kefir, butter, sour cream, cheese, local meat. The kids love Dutch cheese, lactic acid bacteria, which they drink straight or with cereal homemade. Ten-year daughter loves avocado, five-year – fresh mushrooms, an eight-year, instead of waiting for the salad, eats cherry tomatoes. The father willingly eats boiled eggs, and mother likes coffee with milk. The family grows five athletes who often eat meat. Football player and oarsman like brown bread with a piece of smoked meat and pickled cucumber. If there is training, in the refrigerator needs to be dark chocolate – fridge, temporary storage used to have chocolate "has not grown legs" until he divided.

Refrigerator programmer Vitaliy concise – what you like. There are a lot of dairy products, meat, fish, and more chicken, because its easy to prepare and you can add different seasonings to desired taste. And celery root salad which is very popular with the owner of the refrigerator.

Student Lauma in the spring, when everything wakes up and blooms, want a fresh and easy meal. She consumes a daily diet of various vegetables and root vegetables, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and is willing to do salads.

The League, the owner of the refrigerator a 32-year-old, trying to eat healthy and very rarely eat meat and sweets. Fridge it since 1985 and it keeps products such as yogurt, cheese, greens, e.g. arugula or spinach. Winter League eats canned vegetables in the fall.

Diet specialist nutrition Guna Rikure balanced and consists mainly of local products. In the fridge there is always fresh vegetables – carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic, cucumbers and tomatoes. Eggs also have always have a League of their own farms. Bread – sweet and sour or rye, as the family League tries to avoid fluffy bread, not giving a feeling of fullness.

The Player Digne like meat of all kinds and potatoes, and her favorite salad from tomatoes with onions and sour cream. If the day need to eat often apples. And of course, chocolate is necessary Digne every day.

Einar (vegetarian) and Arte (vegan) like the variety of products, so in their fridge you can find a lot of good alternatives to conventional products, such as hummus or vegetable milk. They like avocado, tofu, black beans, sunflower sprouts, hemp oil, leafy greens, Flaxseed oil, mushrooms, Portabello, paprika, zucchini, tahini paste, lemon, soy sauce, hemp protein, frozen chanterelle, currant, peanut butter, tomato paste, rice vinegar and miso paste. Sometimes in the fridge you can find and a bottle of wine.

LG Electronics, after this study came to the conclusion that our food is as diverse as we are. One eats what one likes, and adheres to their own traditions. Combining all element – a refrigerator, kitchen helper and trusted custodian of favorite foods.

LG Electronics experiment showed that people in Latvia is relatively little thinking about the efficient placement of products in the refrigerator. LG has long been said that with proper placement of the products they remain fresh longer. The average citizen of Latvia, as a rule, puts food on any available space in the refrigerator, where they can even reduce the efficiency of the refrigerator. The main function of the modern refrigerator – for as long as possible to keep foods fresh. In different parts of the fridge to regulate the temperature, humidity level and reduce leakage of cold air when opening doors that will help reduce your electricity bill.