Producer and singer-songwriter Damien rice is best known for its ballads that are often heard in various films and television series. He is fluent on keyboards, guitar, clarinet, and percussion instruments. During his career he released 3 albums, the total circulation is 3 million.

James – veterans of alternative rock. This British band was founded in Manchester in 1982. In many countries they have acquired the status of cult band - and one of the reasons, undoubtedly, is a striking charisma of the vocalist and band leader Tim booth. To date the group has released 12 Studio albums, the latest of which Girl At The End Of The World was released on March 18 of this year. In the first week it rose to 2nd place in the British top, losing only to Adele album "25".

Residents will have available a bus from Riga to Sigulda and back for 8 euros. Owners of Sigulda ID card tickets will be available at 20% discount. The first 300 tickets for each concert of the festival will be available at special prices on Damien rice - € 19, James - 24 euros. The presale will begin April 28 at 10:00 at the ticket office Bilešu serviss network.