Thomas Anders is a singer, whose fame stretches back to the eighties, when he was the singer of the band Modern Talking. On the big stage, the singer went under the pseudonym (his real name is Bernd Weidung) with the single Judy. Since 1984, when the world heard the famous song You're My Heart, You're My Soul, which has become Europe's # 1 single for the year, his achievements were followed with incredible speed. Subsequently, it was released 12 albums and 20 singles, each of which has consistently been in the world charts.

After the collapse of the musical group the voice of Thomas Anders continued to sound on his solo albums, the first of which was Different, behind him came the Whispers, Down On Sunset, Barcos de cristal, Souled, This Time, Forever Songs and Strong (2010). The latter were recorded specifically for the German and Russian market, where the number of fans of Thomas Anders is very large.

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