Racing held on the Week of transit and logistics in the discussion of "Development of "green economy" in the transport sector", the chief engineer of LDz RSS Fedor Mikhailov said that after the modernization of several shunting locomotives ЧМЭ3М and main-line locomotives 2М62УМ significantly reduced created these locomotives emissions CO2, fuel consumption, as well as the number of required technical inspections.

"Data show that after modernisation, the locomotives begin to work more efficiently. Fuel consumption goes down by about 40%, thus reducing their impact on the environment, whereas the emission of CO2 within five years decreased by approximately 25%. Thus, the upgraded locomotives are more environmentally friendly and much more profitable for a carrier from the point of view of their operation," said F. Mikhailov.

In addition to the modernization of locomotives, the company in their production facilities for several years engaged in cleaning the environment in a historically established area of contamination near the shops of the equipment of locomotives in Daugavpils, but also in the repair areas, where for decades systematically leaking oil and other substances. With this experience, LDz RSS also introduced their Kazakh colleagues.

It should be noted that Kazakhstan Railways introduces new solutions in the environment. The chief engineer of this enterprise Batyr Kotyrev noted that the emissions on the railway is inevitable, however, Kazakhstan Railways developed the plan of gradual reduction of their 2-3% per year. This result will be achieved including through the modernization of locomotives and other rolling stock, replacement of heating systems, as well as everyday energy savings.

During the Weeks of transit and logistics LDz RSS delegation visited the Kazakhstan railway, where he became acquainted with built in Astana from scratch a new train station designed to service 12 million passengers per year. It is noteworthy that while the station is located on the outskirts of the city, but in the near future, thanks to the growth and development of the urban area, will be at the center, said employees of the station.

Owned by the Kazakhstan railway plant for the Assembly of locomotives LDz RSS delegation got acquainted with technology of production of diesel locomotives ТЭ33А and ТЭП33А under the license of the company "GE Transportation" from USA. Also located on nearby plant for the Assembly of locomotives, which produce electric and КЗ4АТ KZ&al under license of ALSTOM, representatives of LDz RSS discussed the principles of production planning, warranty and maintenance of locomotives and post-warranty periods, as well as issues of staff training and the storage work of importance and in the process of modernization of locomotives in Latvia.

Previously it was reported that this year the exhibition in Astana LDz together with its partners of the companies "Ballard Power Systems" (Canada) and "CZ Loko" (Czech Republic) presented an innovative locomotive to the decision model of the hydrogen locomotive CHME3 H2 M. These locomotives will be produced for improving the environmental performance of rail transport, since they do not produce emissions into the atmosphere.

By implementing this project, Latvia has the opportunity to be among the leaders in the implementation of hydrogen technologies in railway transport, recognized the participants of the discussion "Development of "green economy" in the transport sector", organized by the Latvian railway in Astana on July 13.

Vice President of Latvian railway, INIS Sturmanis emphasizes that the integration of ecological solutions in the national economy, including on the railway, is very important, because Latvia has already identified himself the task of becoming the greenest government in the world. He notes that many countries are increasingly choosing environmentally friendly transport for both passenger and freight transport even if it costs more. "Now we are working to create, as far as we know, the world's first hydrogen shunting locomotive", said A. Sturmanis.