This estimate was obtained through implemented in the past year the company changes, including the creation of a "Bank of ideas LDz", allowing more than 11 thousand employees of the concern Latvian railway to make suggestions for improvement of activity of the enterprise, as well as through the development and implementation in all enterprises of the group Policy to prevent corruption. Besides, in the spring of 2017 LDz first published Report of viability for 2016 prepared in accordance with the internationally recognized GRI G4 standard, which helps to measure and assess the economic, social and environmental impact of the enterprise.

High average viability Index in this year received two more subsidiary companies LDz the "LDz Cargo" for the second year in a row gets in the Silver category, while LLC "LDz ritošā sastāva serviss", who first took part in this event got a place in the Bronze category.

Next year Latvian railway is going to improve their achievements in those areas where they have not qualified for the higher assessment of the viability Index — Platinum category, and also to ensure the participation in the Index another of its subsidiaries, says the President of LDz the European Commission.

Within a week of responsible business of Latvijas dzelzceļš and its subsidiary "LDz Cargo" received last week the status of the Friendly family of the merchant assigned by the Ministry of welfare in cooperation with the Institute of corporate viability and responsibility. This title gives businesses that implement family-friendly policies in their business activities and in the broader social context.