Our company is the first in the Baltic transport and logistics company, which has compiled a sustainability report in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines of the Global reporting initiative. Thus LDz joined the "club" internationally recognized companies that prepare such reports annually. According to the manual, this initiative will enhance the international reputation of the enterprise, logistics is important.

LDz President Edvins Berzins notes that the main goal of the company is to create General conditions of the economy, which will enable participants in the transport sector and other sectors to develop, using a competitive railway infrastructure. In the future viewbalcony report should be the assessment, on the basis of which made strategic decisions.

According to the financial statements, in 2016 the infrastructure of Latvian railway carried 47.8 million tons of goods and 17 million passengers. The proportion of railway infrastructure in Latvia's exports of services reached almost 8 %. Turnover amounted to around 200 million euros. The company earned nearly million and paid taxes amounting to more than 66 million. The company employs 6,800 people, and the whole group has more than 11,000 employees.