A prototype hydrogen-powered locomotive "Hyloco" prepared to showcase the latest technologies in this field. Possibilities of augmented reality will help any visitor of the Latvian pavilion get thoroughly acquainted with this locomotive.

Given the fact that the European Commission points to the need by 2050 to reduce emissions CO2 in the transport sector by 60%, the introduction of hydrogen locomotive is the primary buspirone solution in those places for the provision of railway services, where it is impossible to carry out the electrification of the lines. The main source of energy of such locomotive is hydrogen, which is oxidized in a hydrogen fuel cell, generating electricity.

Traction power is planned to provide with batteries 250 kWh hybrid system of a hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of about 400 kW, while the system of reservoirs for the storage of hydrogen in the amount of 120 kg maximum load will provide at least 20 hours of continuous operation between refills. To run his locomotive with a high pressure fill with hydrogen from the cylinders is directed to the fuel cell where it mixes and reacts with the air, is converted into electricity and water. Further, the electricity from the cells falls in a special system, as necessary, governing the supply of electricity — either from the motors or the battery.

Leading motive "Astana EXPO 2017" is "Future Energy" or "energy of the future", which includes both innovation and the prospects for future development. In the light of such LDz motif in the exhibition will speak about areas of logistics in the Eurasian region and new technological solutions.