The meeting was held for the first time after a long break, and like this, with the participation of the new Director General of Lithuanian Railways and all the Vice-presidents of both companies — for the first time. Opening the meeting, President of LDz Edwin Berzins stressed that, despite the mutual rivalry of both companies should care about the possibilities of cooperation, benefits both sides. General Director of Lithuanian Railways mantas Bartushka agreed that both companies compete with each other as compete and the ports of both countries, which are sent to rail freight, however, the negotiations in Riga, the Lithuanian delegation arrived in as a partner, not a competitor.

Discussing mutual freight, last year small post-reduction volumes, LDz President called for opportunities for cooperation. E. Berzins also stressed the importance of increasing freight transport, taking into account the competition with truckers and the transportation of goods by sea. While supporting the proposal, M. Bartushka has expressed a desire to become more familiar with the possibilities offered by Latvian railway, and new directions in their use.

On the agenda was also the question of international passenger traffic, LDz in which it sees potential for cooperation with Lithuanian colleagues on the development of the route Riga–Minsk. Ensure route LDz showing interest in the route through Lithuania, thus saving travel time.

In recent years, one of the topical issues of cooperation of the Latvian and Lithuanian Railways was the restoration of the railway line šiauliai–Range. M. Bartushka said that currently there is a search for solutions to this issue, but to speak about concrete steps would be premature. "Restoring the rail line — not a simple question, but it will open new opportunities for business, — said E. bērziņš. — Very positive that the problem is on the agenda of the head of Lithuanian Railways, and interest in its solution shows and the company "Orlen", seeing opportunities for recovery of oil transportation along this route".