"What about the fact that they are "afraid of his big neighbour". When the USSR disappeared, they held their referendums and were "released in peace", no it is not threatened, " Lavrov noted. — There were some excesses, including in Vilnius, in the television station. So far, unfortunately, the elderly that on any civilians are not attacked and simply defended the television station, fulfilling orders, dragged through the Lithuanian courts and trying to blame all the deadly sins. I think that is petty and dishonest".

The Russian foreign Minister recalled that the Soviet Union no attempt to hold by force the Baltic States did not take". However, the gratitude for it from the Baltic States was not. Even more, followed by claims for compensation for alleged damages from the Soviet Union.

Speaking about the problem of non-citizens in the Baltic States, Sergey Lavrov said that Russia wants "is not some far-fetched things, but only what is contained in the recommendations of the Council of Europe, OSCE and the UN Committee on the elimination of racial discrimination".

"We are constantly told that they are fine — the number of these non-citizens is reduced, — said the head of the foreign Ministry. — But according to our statistics, this number is reduced due to the fact that people die, some of them desperate and asked for Russian citizenship, someone just left. The rate of granting citizenship are very low".