"Gone for good, save contacts. No thanks for it nobody saw and did not hear. Moreover, immediately began to say that the USSR, they "raped, used, exploited," — said the Minister.

According to Lavrov, at a time when the Baltic States left the USSR, Moscow no one "kept the force". The diplomat believes that today, to demand from Russia compensation for the development of industry, modernization of the economy of Latvia can only "people with an already damaged psyche".

Last week, the Commission for the assessment of damages from the Soviet occupation announced the amount of losses caused to the economy of Latvia — 185 billion euros. However, as noted in an interview with radio Baltkom representative of the Board Ruta Pazdera, it should be understood that the damage was done and the environment, and demographics. Moreover, the amount must be paid and enormous losses that Latvia suffered after the restoration of independence, she believes.

"The fact that many have left and retired, we paid less [than other countries] is the consequences of the occupation. And people should know this," said Pazdera.

However, she acknowledged that all of the calculations of damages are produced for their needs", and Russia to put through Latvia will not. "If we really will demand compensation in the amount of 300 billion euros, someone else requires, then Russia will simply go bankrupt. We do not expect that Russia would return us that amount. We calculated, and then let the politicians decide," said Pazdera.

According to her, the need to "Russia recognized what was in their history, so it could be affordable, could apologize, and we co-existed peacefully and amicably as neighbours".