FISHING is indicates that supports the requirement of all other professional non-governmental organizations to provide more funds for the needs of the health system. The society was interested in the proposal of the Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis to devote to reform industry for 35 million euros.

In the society believe that the type of insurance from the social budget to the health sector can be directed 60-100 million euros per year, first clearly specifying to what extent and on the treatment of what diseases will be spent money as well as marking the clear and achievable goals.

"The first step to attracting funds in the social budget would be a serious audit at the Ministry of health, the development of positive and negative basket of medical services and audit services paid by the state. According to the action plan of the government, those issues should be resolved before may 31", — emphasized in the LOV.

In society claim that the Ministry of health does not want to show all digits and retains a certain ambiguity in the question of the real costs to the health sector. As far as is known FISHERY, specially created Commission still failed to understand the statement of cash flows in the health sector.

FISHING the Kuchinskis has filed a list of 12 sentences that should be done immediately in the health sector without the involvement of funding. One of the points involves the drafting of a new law about healing, and also decrease bureaucracy. In addition, it is necessary to promote cooperation between the ministries of health and welfare in matters of disability, disability and rehabilitation.