DELFI already reported that on the morning of 7 March street shampetera on the well-known Latvian musician was attacked by two dogs. And Civic, and the owner of the dogs contacted the police: musician complained about the dogs, and their owner assured me that the showman has caused him injuries. Street shampetera is notorious that a few years ago on her dog to death killed 70-year-old woman.

After this incident, Andris Civic told the press details. While Jogging two vicious dog frightened the musician, surrounding him and not letting go. Soon from the yard of a private house went on my Chrysler Voyager the owner of the dogs, put them inside and closed the door. On the questions of Civica, is it normal that the dogs roam by themselves in a place where walking moms with strollers and school children, the man, instead of apologizing, responded that "normal people are not afraid of dogs".

38-summer musician, as a leading television channel TV24 Rīga, asked whether the owner wants animal to become a "hero" of his gear, but he considered it a threat and called the police. So did Civic.

However, his disappointment was not only the fact that in order to encourage the owner of the dogs responsible, it is necessary that the animals actually bite, but caustic comments of colleagues in the showbiz, who decided that Civic exaggerated, writes Privātā Dzīve. So, drummer Vilnis krieviņš poironizirovat: "I Heard that he had it bitten off". In turn, the voice radio SWH Fredis or Andris Freidenfelds said, "Yeah, he's more good-for-nothing".

"Really should the worst happen, to about the problem begin to speak?" - replied the musician.