From the point of view of Latvia the British exit from the EU in any way is not desirable, he added.

"In the United States is now the President, which, looking at Europe, he says – sort it out with them yourself. We understand that this will not benefit the Americans themselves. If they did not support the order of the world, and they are now the only one able to do it, they will suffer in spite of the different opinions. In the EU now have a known uncertainty. EU is led by Germany, although they say about the tandem of Germany and France. When did the events in Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as I understand it, took the "scruff" of the French President Francois Hollande that he was there and no one would say that Germany is trying to solve everything alone," said Karins.

It is clear that Germany is in charge of everything, but the problem is that Germany itself is likely to lead do not want.

"We must remember history, Germany started two world wars. The Germans are well aware of this, they are regularly reminded. They don't want to be too strong, because a little afraid of his own shadow. We would benefit from a strong Germany because it may contain Russia, France, and at the same time also to negotiate with Britain. But Germany is not absolutely ready. Of economic power, diplomatic power, and her – military. In Germany, economic power is, partly diplomatic, and military no. In Germany the armed forces intentionally left the role of the stepson," - said the MEP.