In super heavyweight (over 120 kg) Kruse updated the best achievement of the continent in the squat with a barbell (390,5 kg), and brought a national record in the bench press-230 kg (preferably in Tartu in this exercise was only the Norwegian Martin Ronning — 245 kg). In the deadlift valmierai showed the result of 340 kg, which is a new national record, and the amount of triathlon — 960,5 kilograms — became the new benchmark for all in Europe. The previous record of the continent in eventing also belonged to Martinico and was equal to 950 pounds. This result Cruz showed last summer at the world Championships in Finland.

Does not disappoint in the competition of men in category to 120 kg and Maris Usops, who finished with a new national record 847,5 kg (320 222,5 305) third place. And in the bench he has shown absolutely best result (222,5).

In addition to gold and bronze in senior competitions the representatives of Latvia has won another silver and bronze in the Junior competition. 16-year-old Tatiana Tokareva with the amount 332,5 kg (110 is 147.5 75) took third place in the weight category up to 72 kg, and 16-year-old Edgar Jurkans was the second in the category up to 66 kg. It showed the result of 490 kg (167,5 125 197,5), losing only 10 kg to Ruslan Ruzimuradov.

Quite a bit to the medals is not enough 18-year-old Uldis Ronald Ciplox (to 93 kg) and 15-year-old Anton Putnis (up to 93 kg, category "subunitary"), showed the same result, and third place winners, but conceded to his counterpart by its own weight.

Mark riekstinshu also not enough for most small to climb on the podium in the category up to 105 kg In the bench (192,5) mark was first, followed by two exercises was in second place. However, the result shown in the deadlift (270) threw him in the end on the fourth line. In the amount of triathlon Ukrainian Sergei Kovalenko, he lost only 2.5 kgs — 717,5 against 720 kg.