"I am very pleased that the IOC has decided to hold a separate ceremony for those athletes who need to receive their well-deserved medals after the disqualification of the Russian athletes. This is supposed to happen during the Olympic games in Pyeongchang," said Wroblewski.

Recall that in November the Commission the IOC, headed by Denis Oswald recognized many of the Russian bobsleigh and skeleton racers in the anti-doping rule violation and suspended them for life from participation in Competitions with the cancellation of their results in Sochi. After the disqualification of Alexander Tretyakov gold medal of Sochi 2014 needs to go to a Latvian skeleton Martin Dukurs and his older brother Thomas should get bronze.

In turn, Oscar Melbardis, Daumantas Dreiskens, Arvis Vilkaste and Janis Strand needs to obtain gold medals of the Sochi Olympics after the disqualification of the Russian bobsledding team led by pilot Alexander Zubkov, who currently heads Federaciju of the Russian national bobsleigh and skeleton. In addition, Melbardis and Dreiskens relies bronze after the disqualification of the crew of Alexander Kasyanov in the competition of pairs.

The President of the Latvian Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton Janis Coles called for a fair decision of the IOC to suspend Russia from participation in the Olympic games in 2018 and to allow clean athletes to compete under a neutral flag. He also suggested that Russia could boycott the Olympics, and this will exacerbate the situation.

"In General, a fair decision, because it is quite hard punishes those who are guilty, — quotes "R-Sport" of Coles. — But leaves the possibility of those athletes who are really "clean" and dedicated his life to realize his dream to participate in the Olympic games".

"Knowing the ambitions of Russia and knowing that the country's athletes will be able to start only under a neutral flag without my anthem in the coming days we will get their official response. I admit that in the worst case the Russians decide to boycott the Olympic games that will exacerbate the situation not only in sports but in politics, says Kohls. — The effect of the earthquake, the aftershocks of which we will feel for a long time.

Latvia after revision of all the results should be six medals Olympics 2014 — two gold and four bronze medals. However, it is unclear how the Latvian bobsleigh and skeleton racers will receive their awards, disqualified because the Russian athletes are in no hurry to return them to the IOC.

As previously reported, on December 5, the IOC Executive Board suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Olympic games 2018. Athletes who can prove that did not use doping, will be admitted to the Games in 2018 under the neutral flag. At the award ceremonies instead of the Russian anthem will sound the Olympic.