Under current law, the Latvians in Latvia can become a minority, and Livi have become so as a result of attacks of other Nations, genocide, Second world war, so their urge to re-unite ethnic homeland. Now the situation in Latvia has changed — from the restored independence of Latvia, for various reasons, emigrated a lot of Latvian citizens. Changed the circle of persons which use the new law encouraged to return to Latvia, indicates MIA.

Been excluded from the law limiting the number of generations, providing for the opportunity to immigrate to the individual, one of whose relatives in the direct ascending line is a Latvian or Liv. Current law establishes only two generations, limiting the repatriation of young people of Latvian and Livonian origin.

The bill defines the term "immigrant" sets the order of assignment and deprivation status of repatriate, providing financial aid, if the immigrant got it, in the case of deprivation of status or emigration to another country.

The bill establishes who in the understanding of the new law is a family member of the repatriate, and which provided government assistance to the immigrant and members of his family will be entitled to receive, specified also the types and amounts of this financial assistance. There is the current order in the services local governments assistance in addressing housing problems.

It is planned that the amendments will enter into force on 1 July 2016.