The European Institute for gender equality, based on the data of 2015, calculations were executed in six different areas. It turned out that Latvia takes the 17th place among EU countries for gender equality, and its result (57.9 points) is 17 points higher than it was in 2012.

Latvia was one of four countries where results have improved in all six areas of study — education, money, work, power, time and health.

According to Janson, though the average for the EU gender equality index has increased, but overall progress in the countries is rather slow. If in 2012, the index amounted to 65 points, while in 2015 it is up to 66.2 points (100 points for full gender equality, a score of 1 is perfect inequality).

The highest scores in terms of gender equality, Latvia has achieved in the areas of work (10-e a place in the whole EU), pastime (11th place) and power (15-e a place), worse indicators in the areas of health, income and education (26-28-th place).

In Minblaga note that if the whole EU indicators pastime has deteriorated, the indicators of Latvia have improved (65.8 points — 5 points more than in 2012). It is noted that Latvia is close to Denmark and Sweden by the time women and men spend on their homework duties.

In the world of money (income) the contribution of women and men in the financial and economic resources and the index of poverty risk among women and men. Latvia in this area — the highest figures in the EU the number of women who are in risk of poverty. Health and knowledge are the areas where the more unequal the situation was already Latvian men.

"Although overall access to education is improving in Latvia remains the conventional division between men and women in the thematic group on education, while the share of men with higher education in age group 30-34 is the lowest in the EU. The differences between our men and women in health, life expectancy and living a healthy life, and availability of health services and dentistry, throw Latvia in the ranking only 26th place, near Romania and Bulgaria" — says the daily mail.

According to the poll conducted by the Agency SKDS in February of this year, 50% of Latvian residents believe that there is equality of the sexes, 33% rather agree and 17% fully agree. While 40% of respondents disagree with the assertion that in Latvia there is equality between men and women: 28% with it rather disagree and 12% totally disagree. Another 10% of respondents could not give a specific answer.