In absolute terms, the highest fertility rate in 2014 was recorded in France: each woman on average 2.1 births. This is followed by Ireland (1,94), Sweden (1,88) and the UK (1,81). The worst indicators of demographic policy were observed in Greece (1,30), Cyprus (1,31), Spain and Portugal (1.32 in both countries). In Europe, on average, for every two women have three children.

Analyzing the dynamics of processes, Eurostat notes that the most powerful baby boom occurred in recent years in Latvia: in 2001 the fertility rate in the country amounted to 1.21, in 2014 – already 1,65 ( 0,43). In other regions of the Baltic childbearing have not progressed as rapidly: Lithuania improved its performance by 0.34 points (to 1.63), Estonia - 0.22 (up to 1, 54).

Latvian mother also considered to be one of the youngest in Europe. The average woman in our country gives birth to first child at age 26. For comparison: in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and Greece ladies thinking about children only at the age of 30 years.