Amendments to the medical treatment law provides for gradual transition from July this year to pay overtime to doctors, said the Chairman of the parliamentary Subcommittee on public health Romuald Razuks.

It is planned that during the transition period, which runs from 1 July to 31 December this year, for physicians and employees of emergency medical teams, non-physicians, and you can set extended normal working hours not exceeding 55 hours a week this year, in 2018 — 50 hours, and in 2019 — 45 hours per week.

Payment for working time which exceeds the labour law normal working time, during the transition period will be calculated using the factor of 1.1 in this year of 1.2 in 2018 and 1.35 in 2019.

Currently, physicians in extended normal working hours, which may not exceed 60 hours per week and 240 hours per month, provides for payment only in the amount of the salary.

"Three years will not be extended the normal operating hours and all working in medicine who works more hours than prescribed by law, from 1 January 2020, would receive a double payment," said Razuks.

As reported, Latvian trade Union of health and social care (LPSS) today called on health workers to hold a warning protest, refusing to work extended normal working hours from July 1-July 31.

If before July 1 will come into force amendments to the law on the treatment for the reduction this year extended the normal working time for 20 hours, the LPSS Board will be empowered to decide whether it is sufficient reason for suspension of the preventive action.

A precautionary action could be just the beginning — if doctors are not heard, will consider other forms of protest, including a strike, said the Union.