In addition, Latvia plans to equip armored vehicles (armored personnel carriers incorrect to call them — rather, it is an easy razvedyvatelno armored) anti-tank missile systems Spike, and modern systems of command when NATO standard. You will also need to purchase ammunition for 30-mm gun simulator for training in the management of the technicians, and the supply of missiles. In the end, estimated by the Ministry of defence, the Latvian project will cost taxpayers nearly 209 million 607 thousand euros.

The purchase agreement 123 tracked armored vehicles from great Britain was signed in September 2014. Armored vehicles CVRT National armed forces will receive in the period from 2016 to 2020.

Purchased Latvia armored vehicles ideally suited for its conditions, said the Deputy commander of the NATO forces in Europe, General Adrian Bradshaw.

He explained that he used these armored vehicles, and considers that they correspond to the topographic conditions of Latvia, as work well in swampy and wooded terrain and have a good maneuvering ability. "This is ideal for Latvia," said Bradshaw.

The American General expressed hope that "the Latvian National armed forces will be a huge determination to fight against possible military aggression and the army will benefit from the location".