G36 entered service in the German armies and more than 30 countries. However, at the end of April the German Minister of defence Ursula von der Lyayen said that "this machine is due to its design, there is no future in the Bundeswehr".

The essence of her claims is that in the long continuous fire accuracy and accuracy of hits is significantly reduced. The Minister refers to is specifically held in its order the research of experts who concluded: at high temperatures and under conditions of prolonged continuous fire the sighting and accuracy of hits from G36 dramatically reduced — from 90% to 7%.

This was preceded by reports from the warring in Afghanistan the German military, who complained about overheating in the area of forearm during long and intensive shooting (continuous shooting 150 rounds of ammunition and more). In the end, as stated in the reports, the polymer handguard because of the extreme conditions softened, there are "difficulty to hit targets beyond 100 meters", the shooting becomes "ineffective after 200 meters" and also "lose the ability to conduct effective fire at ranges of 300 meters." In addition, significantly increases the risk of skewing and jamming of the cartridge.

H&K believes all the negative statements about the accuracy of the G36 incorrect, untrue, noting that "for decades, the Bundeswehr service rifle proved that it was and is completely functional weapon".

National armed forces of Latvia since 2006 use the G36 as the primary assault rifle — including the mission in Afghanistan. As told Delfi in the defense Ministry, the army has not encountered the problems would be the fault of the manufacturer.

Happy with my G36 left and soldiers of the Latvian army, who agreed to give Delfi comment on the condition of anonymity.

"G36 is quite good. Reliable weapon as "Kalashnikov". Yes, of course, it can get hot — especially after the shooting of eight stores possible jamming. However, from a quick and long shooting will heat up any weapon," said the soldier. He noted that, in his opinion, the G36 is a very good weapon. "Americans from it generally enthusiastic," added the soldier.