"As you know, the hosts of the world cups is distributed to 2020. For world Championships 2021 claims in Finland, and for the 2022 world Cup show interest in Belarus and Latvia," — said Fasel at a press conference in Moscow on the occasion of the opening of the world Cup-2016.

Latvia is the only time I organized the world championship on hockey in 2006. Then the tournament took the "arena Riga", hall "Skonto". And In the Minsk world Cup was held two years ago.

Latvia bid to host the 2016 world Cup, but later withdrew his candidacy in favor of Sweden, and that lost in the vote Russia. Latvia together with Denmark also put forward a bid to host the 2017 world Championships, but IIHF officials expressed a preference for Germany/France.

Then Latvia fought for holding the 2018 world Cup, but this time lost the vote in Denmark.

World championship 2019 will take Slovakia, and the year — Switzerland.