As one of variants of the interior Ministry is considering a purchase in the UK portable, similar to a Bazooka devices Sky Wall 100. They fired the network to a distance up to 100 meters. The drone gets tangled in it and falling to the earth. Gradual decline (below the aircraft crashed on the ground) is achieved by opening the built-in network parachute. The cost of one unit is 50 thousand euros.

In addition, there is an option for 130 thousand Euro the drone interceptor Sparrow-Hawk, who will be able to chase the intruder to a distance of 1.5 kilometers to converge at a distance of 20 meters and capture him, shot from his gun. Sparrowhawk produced in the UK.

The third option from MIA — professional UAV with the attached network, in which control from the ground, the operator need to catch the aircraft the intruder. It is reported that at the moment this development is testing the police of Japan.