In fact, apart from Grigorieva, mark the part of the Latvian team can still wrestler Greco-Roman style Nikita Masyuk, who acted in weight category to 66 kilograms, suddenly scored three victories over strong opponents and nearly reached the medal.

20-summer daugavpilchanin in the first fight overcame the Greek Vladimiros Matias (8-4), then in a stubborn fight in the dying seconds snatched victory from the representative of Armenia a Harutyunyan Marana (5th place at last year's world Cup) — 3-2.

In the quarterfinals, masuk struggled with the Bulgarian Konstantin Stas and again succeeded by a narrow margin (5-4). After that Nikita has a real chance for a medal, but then the rivals will only become stronger and pass them to the Latvian wrestler failed. First, the future champion of Europe-2016 Russian Islambek Albievu (0-4), and in the bronze final couldn't hold the advantage against the world champion among juniors in 2014 from Georgia Shmagi Bolkvadze (masuk led 4-2, but eventually lost 4-6).

Thus, Nikita Masyuk took the high fifth place. Still the most significant results of the performances of the young Latvian fighter was 9th place at the Junior world championship-2013-7th place at European championship-2012 among cadets.

Team scoring at the Riga championship in which took part almost 700 athletes from 38 countries, won the wrestlers of the national team of Russia. They managed to win seven golds, one silver and four bronze awards. The second were the Georgians (3-2-4), the third — the Turks (3-1-3). The total number of awards first were the representatives of Ukraine (14 medals). In 18 Olympic disciplines appeared to be the best Russian wrestlers (6-1-3), the second — the Turks (3-1-2), and others — Armenians (2-2-2).

The Russians excelled in freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman. Russian wrestlers took three gold and two bronze, ahead of the Georgians (2-1-3), Turks and poles (1-1-0).
Master Greco-Roman wrestler from Russia won three first places, second there were Armenians (1-3-1), third — Ukrainians and Georgians (1-1-1).

In female wrestling the best indicator was the national team of Azerbaijan (2-0-1), second place was shared by teams of Russia and Belarus (by 1-1-2).