The politician did not oppose the decision of the President to pass the amendment on repeated consideration in the diet. The decision of the head of state was to be expected, because in the third reading approved a proposal, which has already been technically impossible to reconcile with other provisions of law, said the expert.

He explained that when considering bills in the third reading often have problems due filed by MPs of proposals for significant changes in the amendments. In his opinion, such amendments must be submitted in the second, not the third reading, but parliamentarians are not allowed to represent them and on final reading. And if they, contrary to the opinion of the Commission, the deputies in the Parliament support, it is impossible to have time to coordinate them with the rest of the bill, said the expert.

However, he noted that the meeting raise objections filed for third reading and then approved proposals, under which foreigners must pay 5000 euros per repeated request of a residence permit.

As reported, the President Raimonds Vejonis has decided not to declare the amendments to the immigration law.

After reviewing the text of the law and materials on its development, the President stated that there were flaws so significant that they need to be addressed before the proclamation of the law. The President stated that the improvement need at least seven standards. For example, the law established a budget program that lists made by aliens 5000 euros per repeated request of a residence permit, is not provided with authority of the Cabinet of Ministers to suspend the issuance of a repeated residence permit, in the interests of economic development or security of the state.