Often we get carried away, and — look — painted eggs basket is already full! Of course, during the festival they fight only to comply with all of the Easter traditions, but almost every woman annually is set to one and the same question: what to do with leftover dyed eggs?

Executive pastry chef Lage Ko Hope Lukyanchuk decided to help practical advice and tell you what dishes you can use the surplus eggs, but adds that it is better to paint as much as you can eat.

If you overdid it, you can go to visit and give a speckled Easter eggs owners.

Cheese-Apple salad: chop 2 apples, add grated cheese and 3-4 eggs. Add mayonnaise and spices as needed — salt, black pepper, etc. (calculated for 2 servings).

The fake crab salad: slice ½ of a pack of crab sticks, add corn (about 1 jar), 2-3 tomatoes, grated cheese, shredded 2-3 eggs, salt and mayonnaise (for 2 servings).

Куда деть яйца, оставшиеся после Пасхи? Советы и рецепты простых блюд
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Salad of avocado and shrimp: one avocado, peel and slice, add peeled and chopped eggs (2-3 PCs.), grated cheese. Thawed mix shrimps with the mix of avocado, eggs and cheese. Mayonnaise (for 2 servings). If desired, you can apply for French bread — then the dish would serve as snacks.

Snack: boiled eggs yolk mixed with mayonnaise, the resulting mass to fill the boiled protein, sprinkle with herbs, add the vegetables. You can decorate a piece of sprat/herring.

Pies: this recipe is suitable puff or yeast dough